Alculate a Boat Loan Repayment

Give It a Go – Click Here To Calculate a Boat Loan Repayment

You can calculate estimates on any number of boat purchase prices so you can see how they differ.

If you want to vary the repayment, just adjust the terms or balloon.

This is a great resource and could put you a step closer to your new boat.

Using a Marine Finance Broker: The Benefits

What’s your plan of attack to organise your marine finance?

  • All the bank, remind them you’ve been a loyal, long-standing customer and expect them to fall over themselves to give you the cheapest loan imaginable, completely tailored to suit you with all the terms and conditions you want? Good luck with that!
  • Spend hours on the phone or emailing as many finance companies as you can for a loan quote so you can compare and choose the best offer? And how much income are you going to miss out on while you’re doing all that? You should also know that making multiple applications can affect your credit profile. It can appear that you are desperate and this may increase your risk rating.

Contact a professional finance broker who specialises in marine finance and let them handle the entire process? Correct approach.

There are many benefits to using a professional, fully licensedmarine finance broker:

  • Brokershave access to multiple banks and lenders, including industry-only contacts and lenders that specialise in marine finance.
  • Having a greater number of sources gives your broker a better chance of getting you a better deal.
  • You need to select a professional, highly regarded and fully licensed broker, who is a member of FBAA so you are assured that you are dealing with a reputable company and receiving reliable, trusted information and advice.
  • Ensure that you select an independent broker. Not an agent of a bank or finance company. An independent broker is working for you, not for a bank or lender and will be driven to secure you the best deal possible.
  • Brokers are sharp when it comes to negotiating. That’s what they do, day in day out. While you might think you’re a pretty good wheeler and dealer, a professional broker’s skill will be much better with financial issues.
  • Brokers save you time, which in your business, usually means money. They do all the ringing around, chasing up for quotes, go through all the fine print, negotiate the terms and even handle the paperwork for you.

The Bottom Line

If you’re buying a boat, first get your finance sorted.

Contact a broker and discuss your requirements and have them structure a finance package that suits your business.

Contact Us Now and have a no-obligation conversation with one our specialised marine finance consultants.